Sibbel at St. Augustine Church, Brooklyn, NY

                In 1896, the Brooklyn Eagle boasted that St. Augustine Church would soon have the costliest and most beautiful altar in the country.   The following was the description of Sibbel's work at that time:

One of the best known sculptors of religious subjects in the country Joseph Sibbel of 214 East Twenty-sixth street, New York, was requested to excel himself in decorating the marble groups for the two new Brooklyn altars, that of St. Augustine's, at Sixth avenue and Sterling place, and St. Cecilia's at Henry and Herbert Streets.  The result of many weeks of labor on sculptor SIbbel's part has been shown for the past few days to numerous admirers of ecclesiastical statuary in his studio in New York.  The models and subjects chosen were received with the greatest approval by the visitors at the studio. **

          According to the newspaper, the pastor of St. Augustine's Church, Rev. Edward W. McCarty, so enjoyed watching Joseph Sibbel work, he became a daily visitor to his studio!  

          The beauty of the sculpture of Joseph Sibbel still adorns the sanctuary of St. Augustine Church today.

**Brooklyn Eagle, "Altars for Two Churches,"  September 23, 1896.